RollBak Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Covers   

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  RollBak Retractable Tonneau Covers are the worlds strongest retractable tonneau covers bar none. While other tonneau covers that retract are made from thin aluminum with a vinyl cover laminated to it, the RollBak retractable tonneau cover is a power house among them all. RollBak tonneau covers are made from extremely thick, heavy duty aluminum so that they cannot rust. The slats are then powder coated with a rugged fisnish which is baked on and guaranteed for life. As long as you own your truck, the RollBak cover will remain looking just like the day you boaght it and is designed to outlast your truck.
RollBak Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Covers RollBak Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Covers

The RollBak retractable tonneau covers also has a far superior design to other retractable tonneau covers. For starters, all RollBak tonneau covers are equipped with self adjusting inner rails. To a layman this may seem like a technical issue that isn't of much relevance, until you realize that RollBak tonneau covers are the only retractable tonneau covers in the world that guarantee full and unobstructed use of all your stake pocket holes on your truck. This means that you get to use tie downs, bed rails and racks with the RollBak and not with any other retractable tonneau cover.

The low profile, flush fit design is consistent with BAK engineering superiority and in addition to being stealth in appearance, ensures less wind resistance and better fuel economy.

RollBak Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Covers RollBak Aluminum Retractable Tonneau Covers
  RollBak retractable tonneau covers also have superior weather seals. Made from EPDM, we use the same seals as you would find on your door seals or your windshield wipers. They are designed to last a lifetime and will not deteriorate, fade, crack or warp. Best off all, they ensure unsurpassed all-season weather resistance, even in conditions well below freezing or extreme summer heat.
brush seals brush seals

The low profile canister design has integrated brush seals that keep all debris or objects that may be on top of the canister from entering your truck bed. The canister lid conveniently sweeps the RollBak tonneau cover as it glides into the canister. The incredibly efficient and smart design of the RollBak tonneau cover is evident at every level. Once you touch one or see one you will instantly recognize why the RollBak G2 is the undisputed king of the retractable tonneau cover arena.

RollBak tonneau covers are made in the USA and are equipped with a front to "BAK" 2 year warranty that covers you as well as the RollBak covers your truck.

Strong Felt lined
  Stronger! The RollBak retractable tonneau cover boasts the strongest, thickest aluminum slats in the retractable class of truck bed covers. The slats of the RollBak tonneau cover are rated to withstand 400 lbs of weight and are finished with a rugged powder coated enamel to weather the most severe elements.
Felt lined underside:
The RollBak retractable tonneau cover is completely silent. It will not make a sound, even when driving off-road. RollBak tonneau cover slats are lined with marine grade felt underneath to ensure pin-drop quiet operation. The felt also protects the tonneau cover slats when they are rolled up inside the canister.
Sleek Rails

Superior Spring: The RollBak tonneau cover has a specially designed spring which allows the tonneau cover slats to retract effortlessly, even when the truck is parked on a sever incline.
Superior fit: The RollBak tonneau cover is designed to fit inside the truck rails. RollBak is the only retractable tonneau cover to guarantee 100% access to stake pockets, This means the tonneau cover can be used in conjunction with bed rails, tie-downs and any stake pocket mount ladder rack.
Superior rail system: The RollBak tonneau cover glides effortlessly on Teflon tracks which self adjust inside the rails. This ensures that the retractable tonneau cover remains parallel, even when your truck bed may taper. The better a retractable tonneau cover rolls, the longer it will last! These rails also have an integrated drainage system built into them. Any water that is trapped on top of the RollBak tonneau cover is directed towards the side rails and ultimately duped into the canister at the front of the bed. Drain tubes extend out of the canister and run all unwanted water out of the bed, keeping your valuables safe and dry!
State of the art security: RollBak tonneau covers sport a dual latching system that automatically locks the tonneau cover when it reaches the tailgate position. All latches are neatly concealed under the tonneau cover. No exposure to the elements means that your latching mechanism won’t deteriorate over time. Simply locking your tailgate will result in complete security for your RollBak retractable tonneau cover!
Superior canister design: The RollBak tonneau covers canister is designed to maximize the space inside your bed. It is impact resistant and will not ding! The RollBak tonneau allows more than a foot of space to store gear under the tonneau cover canister in the average truck. The only reason RollBak’s canister may ever be bigger than any other retractable tonneau cover is the fact that the slats on a RollBak tonneau cover are far thicker and more robust than the competition, meaning that more space is required to house them when they are rolled up! The tonneau cover canister also comes equipped with dual integrated drain valves to funnel water out quickly on both sides of the truck bed.
Clamp on installation: The new RollBak G2 retractable Tonneau Cover is factory set. This means that the tension on the spring, the setting of the rails and the assembly of latches and draw straps are all complete. This all makes for a very user friendly install experience!

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