Weiand 8-71 Supercharger Kits
  Weiand 8-71 Supercharger on Hemi  

Want maximum power from Weiand out of your Big Block or Small Block Chevrolet? The 8-71 series is for the enthusiast with a passion for power and you won't find a more aggressive look. They utilize reconditioned GM three lobe rotors for peak performance under demanding high RPM conditions. Engineered to produce 10-12 lbs of boost on small blocks and 5-7 lbs on big blocks (depending on application and engine efficiency) -these are for the hard core enthusiast!

All 8-71 kits come with the extra tough 8mm (two piece billet snout) belt configurations for maximum strength. Satin or polished finishes are available to match the “hard-core” or “show and go” look you’re after.

All superchargers are built in Weiand’s state-ofthe- art manufacturing cell and each is 100% boost tested to help you squeeze the maximum power and efficiency out of your supercharger.

Features / Benefits:

  • 200-300+ Horsepower increases
  • Maximum visual appeal
  • Available for Small and Big Block Chevrolet
  • Available polished or unpolished
  • Full-time power every time you hit the gas with no lag

Installation Notes:

  • 8-71 superchargers are perfectly suited for modified engines with 7.5:1 to 8:1 compression ratios, but may require race gas unless pulley ratios are altered to reduce effective compression ratio below 12:1
  • Kits include manifold, blower assembly, drive snout, pulleys, belt and hardware.
  • Kits designed for stamped steel v-belt accessories. Use of billet pulleys may require custom machine work and/or spacers.
  • Chevy kits must use short water pumps with maximum 2 “V” pulley
  • Weiand recommends that all kits use double keyed crankshaft and double keyed, steel, SFI approved balancer.
  Weiand 8-71 Supercharger  
Application Drive Satin Finish Polished Finish
Chevrolet Small Block (1955-86) *1
8mm Pitch
WEI 7385
WEI 7385P
Chevrolet Big Block (Standard Deck) *1
8mm Pitch
WEI 7186
WEI 7186P
  *1. Requires “small cap” distributor to clear blower housing
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