Weiand 6-71 Supercharger Kits
  Weiand 6-71 Supercharger on Hemi  

HORSEPOWER! - Weiand's 6-71 kits are the ultimate statement of power and looks. Pull into the local cruise-in or dragstrip with one of these sticking through the hood and you will get noticed. they're not for the meek however - these supercharger kits are designed to generate 50%+ more horsepower and torque across the RPM range!

Weiand's 6-71 blower kits are equipped with exclusive two lobe rotors for maximum boots at lower RPMs and feature all new construction including rotors, case, end-plates manifold and snout. Billet belt tensioner components and V-belt pulleys round out the package to give you everything necessary for installation. Kits are engineered to produce 10-12 lbs of boost on small blocks and 5-7 lbs of boost on big blocks but are a simple pulley change away from pump gas or hard core racing.

Got a HEMI? Weiand's 6-71 nostalgic Hemi kit fits any of the early Chrysler Hemis(331, 354, or 392) and is a natural addition to any rod, truck or race car. Equipped with a 1/2" pitch drive and a early one-piece snout, it doesn't get any better than this. Quit scouring the swap meets looking for old junk blowers and get a complete package from Weiand.

All 6-71 kits are available with either the traditional 1/2" pitch(one piece snout) or the extra tough 8mm (2 piece billet snout) belt configurations to suit your needs. Satin or polished finishes are available to match the "hard core" or "show and go" look you're after.

All superchargers are built in Weiand's state-of-the-art manufacturing cell and each supercharger is 100% boost tested to help you squeeze out the maximum power and effciency.

Features / Benefits:

  • 175-275+ Horsepower increases
  • Maximum visual appeal
  • Available for Small and Big Block Chevrolet and 392 Hemi
  • Available polished or unpolished
  • Available with traditional 1/2” pitch or 8mm belt drive
  • Full-time power every time you hit the gas with no lag

Installation Notes:

  • 6-71 superchargers are perfectly suited for modified engines with 7.5:1 to 8:1 compression ratios, but may require race gas unless pulley ratios are altered to reduce effective compression ratio below 12:1
  • Kits include manifold, blower assembly, drive snout, pulleys, belt and hardware.
  • Kits designed for stamped steel v-belt accessories. Use of billet pulleys may require custom machine work and/or spacers.
  • Chevy kits must use short water pumps with maximum 2 “V” pulley
  • Weiand recommends that all kits use double keyed crankshaft and double keyed, steel, SFI approved balancer.
  Weiand 6-71 Supercharger  
Application Drive Satin Finish Polished Finish
Chevrolet Small Block (1955-86) *1
1/2" Pitch
WEI 7582
WEI 7582P
Chevrolet Small Block (1955-86) *1
8mm Pitch
WEI 7587
WEI 7587P
Chevrolet Big Block (Standard Deck) *1
1/2" Pitch
WEI 7583
WEI 7583P
  *1. Requires “small cap” distributor to clear blower housing
*2. Requires stock or aftermarket harmonic damper for correct pulley alignment.
*3. Requires Weiand water pump kit P/N 9213 or 9213P
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