Weiand 174 Series Pro Street Supercharger Kits
for Small Block Ford
  Weiand 142 & 144 Series Supercharger  

Want instant, full-time POWER for your Mustang or Ford powered street machine? Weiand’s Pro-Street supercharger kits are engineered to give you 25% to 40% more power every time you hit the gas while maintaining outstanding street-ability!

Engineered to fit the 289/302 fords (or stroker versions based on the 8.200 deck height), this kit will transform your mellow street motor into a monster with incredible torque and top end horsepower. It is designed to work in conjunction with stock type accessory drives and is available in satin or polished finishes.

This 174 low-profile blower features PTFE tipped rotor s for tight rotor to case tolerances and only requires a small cowl induction hood for most applications.

All Weiand 174 blowers feature 100% new CNC machined parts (no remanufactured components), including new thick-wall cases & rotors to eliminate high-RPM flex and provide maximum reliability. All superchargers are built in Weiand’s state-of-the-art manufacturing cell and each supercharger is 100% boost tested to help you squeeze out maximum power & efficiency.

Features / Benefits:

  • Develop 400 to 450+ horsepower out of a mild 302 Ford
  • Fits all small block Fords with 8.200” deck height
  • Substantial increase in torque unmatched by centrifugal superchargers
  • Available polished or unpolished
  • Full-time power every time you hit the gas with no lag

Installation Notes:

  • Superchargers are perfectly suited for stock or modified engines with 7.5:1 to 9:1 compression ratios.
  • 1969 and earlier models require a crank spacer kit PN 90683
  • Will fit 351W using PME adapter plates (www.pricemotorsport.com or call tech line for details)
  • Kits include manifold, blower assembly, drive snout, pulleys, belt and hardware.
  • Kits designed for stamped steel v-belt accessories and will work with 5.0L serpentine drive. Must use manual adjustment tensioner and brackets from ‘83 to ‘85 3.8L Ford V-6 engine. Use of billet pulleys may require custom machine work and/or spacers.
  • Supercharger mounts to manifold using 4 bolts through bearing plates
  Weiand 142 & 144 Series Supercharger Kit  
Application Nose
Drive Satin
Ford Small Block 289-302 174 Series *9
10 Rib Flat
WEI 77-174FSB-1
WEI 77-174FSBP-1
  *9 1969 and earlier models require the use of crank spacer (P/N 90683 )
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