Weiand 142 & 144 Series Supercharger Kits
  Weiand 142 & 144 Series Supercharger  

Want the power associated with a supercharger, but don’t want it sticking out of the hood? Weiand’s Pro-Street supercharger kits are engineered to give SB Chevys 25% to 40% more power while maintaining outstanding street-abil- ity! Kits are now also available for Vortec/Fastburn (L31) cylinder heads for easy installation on GM crate engines or custom built applications using these affordable heads.

In addition to the 142s already being the most hood- conscious of Weiand’s supercharger line, a specific 144 low-profile design is offered to provide even more added hood clearance in tight engine compartments. This 144 system is a practical addition to any performance or tow vehicle where hood clearance and/or the use of a long water pump and three v-belts are required. It features PTFE tipped rotors for tight rotor to case tolerances and will fit under most stock hoods on trucks and muscle cars (may require a small cowl induction hood for some applications).

All Weiand 142/144 blowers feature 100% new CNC machined parts (no remanufactured components), including new thick-wall cases & rotors to eliminate high-RPM flex and provide maximum reliability. All superchargers are built in Weiand’s state-of-the-art supercharger manufacturing cell and each supercharger is 100% boost tested to help you squeeze the maximum power and efficiency out of your supercharger!

Features / Benefits:

  • Develop 400 to 450+ horsepower out of a mild 350 Chevy
  • Low profile design for hood-conscious rodders
  • Available for standard & aftermarket heads
  • Kits available for Vortec/Fastburn & aftermarket heads with Vortec IM flange - Edelbrock E-TEC
  • Increases torque for heavy cars and towing applications
  • Great power adder for low compression crate motors
  • Available polished or unpolished
  • Various snout lengths available for different v-belt arrangements
  • Full-time power every time you hit the gas with no lag

Installation Notes:

  • Superchargers are perfectly suited for stock or modified engines with 7.5:1 to 9:1 compression ratios.
  • Kits include manifold, blower assembly, drive snout, pulleys, belt and hardware.
  • Kits designed for stamped steel v-belt accessories. Use of billet pulleys may require custom machine work and/or spacers.
  • Superchargers mount to manifold using 4 bolts through the bearing plates
  Weiand 142 & 144 Series Supercharger Kit  
Application Nose
Drive Satin
Chevrolet Small Block 142 Series
(Universal) *1,*2,*3,*5,*6
6 Rib Flat
WEI 6500-1
WEI 6510-1
Chevrolet Small Block 142 Series
(1969-85) *1,*3,*5,*6
6 Rib Flat
WEI 6502-1
WEI 6507-1
Chevrolet Small Block 142 Series
(1962-68) *1,*3,*5,*6
6 Rib Flat
WEI 6503-1
WEI 6508-1
Chevrolet Small Block 142 Series
(w/ Vortec L31 Fastburn Heads) *1,*3,*5
6 Rib Flat
WEI 6542-1
WEI 6543-1
Chevrolet Small Block 144 Series (Low Profile)*7
10 Rib Flat
WEI 7740-1
WEI 7750-1
  1. If the crankshaft has a one- or a two-V-belt accessory pulley, use a “short-nose” kit. If the crankshaft has a three-V-belt accessory drive pulley, use a “long-nose” kit. “Long nose” kits fit a majority of short and long water pump applications, excluding late model applications with a serpentine accessory drive system. Select a “short nose” kit for tight clearance situations (such as street rods). “Short nose” kits do not fit long water pump accessory setups.
2. Slight elongation of four center bolt holes may be required to install on 1987-later cast-iron heads
3. Does not fit 1984-96 Corvettes
4. Fits vehicles with both serpentine and V-belts
5. Does not fit 1993-later LT-1 heads
6. Does not fit engines originally equipped with four v-belts; use kits 6504-1 and 6509-1
7. Low profile design; P/N 7740-1 is 0.720” lower overall than P/N 6500-1
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