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    The all new Atomic EFI system was designed from the ground up with simplicity and performance in mind.

Simplicity has been achieved by MSD building the “easiest to install” fuel injection conversion kit on the market. This kit features a return-less fuel line design and the throttle body features an integral ECU built on the side, incorporating the TPS, MAP, IAT, and fuel pressure sensors. The MSD Atomic EFI can be installed by a DIY'er with basic hand tools in just a day. With a return-less fuel system there are no modifications to the fuel tank and no need to run another fuel line. MSD integrated the ECU into the throttle body to reduce the wiring and connections. MSD also moved the TPS, MAP, IAT, and fuel pressure sensors inside the ECU for even less under hood clutter and wiring. The only electronic box that is externally mounted is the Power Module and its small so you can even hide it. The Atomic EFI comes with a compact hand-held monitor that allows you to input the basic parameters that the EFI system needs to get started. After initial setup the hand-held unit will give you engine readouts and diagnostics codes.

As far as performance goes the Atomic EFI Master Kit will power engines up to 525 horsepower (Options are available up to 620HP) at the crank. Improved drivability & response from idle to full throttle are achieved by Atomic EFI with a self learning ECU that is constantly adjusting the fuel delivery for maximum efficiency & performance.

Best of all, the Atomic walks a fine line in automotive beauty between modern technology and classic design so that it is sure to look great under your hood!

 The Atomic EFI was designed to bolt on to any square bore, 4-barrel intake. This includes common 4150 and 4160 designs. These intakes can be found on countless engines for muscle cars and hot rods including small and big blocks by Ford, Chevy, and Mopar. There are even aftermarket intake manifolds to convert LS engines.

Complete Atomic EFI Kit
# MSD 2900


Complete Atomic EFI Kit
# MSD 2900
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