Covercraft Technalon
Ready-Fit Car Covers

Technalon® covers, made with Kimberly-Clark's Evolution® 4-layer non-woven polypropylene fabric, provide maximum protection in all weather conditions.  Often imitated, but never equaled, U.S. made Evolution fabric covers are used by millions of satisfied car enthusiasts around the world.

Recent improvements include a stronger outer layer and softer inner layer.  The inner layer is constructed with similar processes used for our Dustop™ interior storage covers - gentle protection for fine paint finishes (inner layer is now light gray).  Through extensive testing in Florida K-C has confirmed Evolution has the highest UPF rating of all their non-woven fabrics.  This is important because UV rays are what damage both the exterior AND interior of any vehicle.  Block the UV rays - protect the vehicle!

  • Naturally Moisture Resistant - Acid rain, industrial pollutants, tree sap and bird droppings will not harm the fabric.
  • Dries Easily - Moisture is not absorbed by the fabric fibers.
  • Breathable - Allows air to circulate through the fabric.
  • Dust / Pollution Barrier - The two middle layers of melt-blown fabric act as a filtration barrier against most airborne pollutants.
  • Impact Absorption - 4-layer thickness absorbs impacts better than any other vehicle cover fabric to help protect the finish from nicks, dings, dents and scratches.


Part #

Sedan/Coupe 14' to 15'  

 COV C80003RB 

Sedan/Coupe 15' to 16'

 COV C80004RB 

Sedan/Coupe 16' to 17'-6"

 COV C80005RB 

Sedan/Coupe 17'-6" to 19'-6"

 COV C80006RB 
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