Covercraft Block-It 200
Ready-Fit Car Covers

Kimberly-Clark developed BLOCK-IT 200 Series fabric to be a mid-price leader in quality and performance.  It uses 3-layer polypropylene construction for moisture and dust resistance, and the fibers are treated for extra UV resistance.   If you are looking for an inexpensive cover for indoor storage and outdoor use, this U.S. made fabric offers good, basic protection and is an excellent value.

  • Lightweight - Easy to use and less bulky for compact storage
  • Soft & Non-Abrasive - Will not scratch clean paint or clear-coat.
  • Breathable - Allows moisture and condensation to evaporate.
  • Moisture, Mold & UV Resistant - Polypropylene fibers are naturally moisture resistant and treated for extra UV protection.
  • Good Dust Protection - When used indoors, keeps vehicle cleaner than most woven fabrics.


Part #

Sedan/Coupe 14' to 15'  

 COV C40003RB 

Sedan/Coupe 15' to 16'

 COV C40004RB 

Sedan/Coupe 16' to 17'-6"

 COV C40005RB 

Sedan/Coupe 17'-6" to 19'-6"

 COV C40006RB 
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